Hello Till,

Here you will find a detailed summary of the meeting of 11.10.2021.

We decided about this meeting in a larger group from the friends of the Sick Crew, which has been dealing with the issue since the outcalls. At the meeting with you only a delegation went to Leipzig in order to personally pass on to you what we had previously discussed. Over the summer you showed up in public as a DJ and as a guest at parties, which those affected and we, as well, considered to be wrongful and incriminating. It gave us the impression that you were intentionally looking for gaps for you to continue your private life as it was before.

It should be a part of your reappraisal process not to simply seek refuge in a new parallel circle of friends consisting of mainly uncritical people for whom the topic does not matter, keeping yourself from reflecting your deeds and behaviour sufficiently.

The meeting has to happen now because we want to protect people you have affected violently and we wish to give them the space you have taken and still take away from them by the behaviour mentioned above.

For these reasons, we have set up requirements that you are expected to stick to in the future. We would like to explain these again in the following.

Raise awareness among your friends

For you as a perpetrator, you should raise awareness on the topic and your own perpetratorship among people surrounding you. You should also make them aware of how to deal with you in the future. Your friends should deal with your case in a reflective way and not make it public or brag about meeting you. People primarily and secondary affected are triggered by this and it would make them avoid spaces they should be feeling saver in.

You are supposed to learn to speak about your deeds of violence even with friends that are uncritical of the topic, make them aware of it and how to deal with it. If they refuse to talk about the topic or do not want to be informed any more precisely, they should at least understand why it is inappropriate to talk about it in public.

Withdraw from spaces and as a DJ

You should leave both public and private spaces to people affected by your violence. Meet in private with people either at your home - or with friends with a maximum of 6 other people to keep track.

Without such restrictions and your following them, those affected cannot meet in any space with many people.

Virtual spaces, such as those on the internet count as well. Stay away from social media and do not take up space there, neither as an artist nor as a private person.

People know who you are, even if you have changed your name there. Being a perpetrator, you have a responsibility to return all spaces for those affected rather than any further restricting them from being there. Consider this request as an instruction for at least 2 years and withdraw from spaces where you were previously present for those affected, so that a transformative process can, at all, take place.

As a DJ, you are not supposed to be present in neither public, nor private spaces. Completely avoid events, it does not matter how far away they are or how little the chance of meeting those affected by your violence there are. The simple information of you having been or being there can inflict massive stress and pain in those affected and is likely to limit them in their daily lives.

Environment of working with the perpetrator

You must create an active environment around you to critically accompany you in the future and who are regularly going to encounter you.
They should be responsible for communicating the demands of those affected to you and for making sure that these demands are met.

By regularly meeting you, you will also have an opportunity to share information on your own process through this environment.

Since the group does not necessarily have to be made up of experienced or professional people, it is important that they do, however, seek professional help and support from outside to make a transformative process possible at all.

As an outside group, we would like to be in contact with this environment in order to be able to control and check on the process and to exchange ideas with these people if necessary.

The responsibility you have to take from now on goes far beyond a therapy and a critical masculinity group.